Sept 23, 2017

Bruce's birthday... rewrote the final stanza of "Not in vain" and exchanged the two lines after "Sometimes even for myself".

Your past tells you it's all over
Your present feels like a cage
Your future like a burden on your shoulder
Your only lighthouse is your breath




Sept 9, 2017

Worked hard on the lyrics of "Parts of us" during the last days... Finally, found the missing lines today and am quite happy with it now...


August 20, 2017

Re-recorded a new harmonica version of "Back Home" and got a sense of "Yeah, this could be it" feeling for the first time...  


August 3, 2017

New song..."Jetzt ist unsre Zeit"... Nothing new in terms of music, but good drive and the first German song after a long time... 


July 4-19, 2017

Wrote some new lines... Somebody else's home. And here is a quick recording.