I woke up in the morning
Saw the light on my phone
Showing there was a message
You wanted to talk
I saw a long shadow rising
And it wouldn’t do no good
Then I realized I nearly forgot you

You called me a bit later
And you left no doubt
That you wanted to quit
What just began to grow
And that you kissed someone else
And you didn’t see us bloom
Then I realized I nearly forgot you

Maybe we never were supposed to be
Two lovers in a real relationship
Wanted to climb the mountain
Even when we bleed
But when the air got thinner
We stopped breathing

There was a plane at the airport
Going to depart
There were two tickets waiting
Ready to embark
Only one stepped in
And let the other one in the queue
Then I realized a dream didn't come true
A dream just fell through
And we broke in two

There is a cold wind blowing
In a rainy Winter's night
I see images emerging
I hear sad songs rise
I feel the beat of my heart
It’s gonna stop when it’s due
Then I realize I nearly forgot you