Well, I left my home
without looking back once
I was gone

Became a pilgrim
gave back my crown
I was bald

Burning my hands and molting my skin
learning to survive in the rain and wind
following traces and carving my own
Now I’m back home

I tried to conquer the world
passionate and naive
I was strong

Crushed on the ground
it was hard to believe
I heard the wake-up call

It takes some distance to feel what you love
What you really need and what you’ve lost
The most precious may be found at the fount
Now I’m back home

In the distance far away from home
in my diaspora, spread all over the globe
I found asylum and remote love kept me going
but something was missing

Drying me out and dragging me home
like a dog looking for a bone
drying me out and dragging me home
after all has been said and thought
drying me out and leading me home
so that the old world can be explored again
I am building a new home where I belong

I remember the dreams
back when I was a child
we were young and wild

The music and movies
that kept us alive
and helped us to survive

Lying ‘neath the sky just counting the stars
full of hope in our minds and passion in our hearts
time was turning around until the next morning

We shaped our lives like we wanted to
and no one around us could break our collusion
I still feel that spirit massive and strong
Now I’m back home
Back home
I’ll see you around