A goodbye-song for the city of Constance and my private homage to an amazing time. Written 1999.


This is the time of leaving behind
Here my sojourn ends
It´s the same open sky
But I have changed

Summer time, the water high
Here the river feeds the lake
Many faces on my mind
But their names fade

No bonds, nothing pawned
No promises left behind
Here I rolled, here I crawled
Leaving traces and hidden signs

Slow train, slow train
Slow train town
Slow train
Slow train town

Most of my accompanying friends
Have left the city meantime
Just their ghosts ‘bove the river banks
still chase the pigeons in the sky

Sad tunes, heavy gloom
Sunk in some ancient rhymes
Taut sails, roads paved
Looking for new land to find

Slow train
Slow train
Slow train town

Something makes me wonder where my past has gone
How fast it could erode just like lime
Remember where I stood about a year ago
One foot is further and one´s still behind

Sometimes you're going forward only gradually
and it feels as if you were standing still
But a single step may turn into a major leap
As long as you keep up your will

Once I thought my life would lead to politics
The world, I believed, was to change
But then I found it was my inner schism
That I failed to transcend

The sooner you stand up the sooner you fall down
Was one experience, a lesson learned
But when you give it up and stay on the ground
You are covered by the desert sand

This is the tide between high and low
The night between New Year´s Eve and Day
For a long time you were settled down
until the dawn you walked away