Written 2014 in Munich.


You're walking down the alley that leads
straight into the weakness of your soul
You're climbing down the valley deeper
than any river could flow

You’re pulled inside deeper and dragged to
what you never wanna know
Someone’s playing with you
and you’ll never ever be coming home

Someone here switched out the light
someone here around pulled the trigger
Someone’s taking great delight
somewhere here around must be a killer

You bump into her every day
you can’t escape her even if you want
all the way she passes by
she leaves behind a desolation zone

She’s dragging you close to hell
pulling you even further
no one knows how far she goes
and if she ever let’s you escape

Someone closed the exit door
someone here around changed the figure
Someone’s whispers "Baby it’s just Rock’n’roll!"

This is the challenge of your life 
the moment you were always frightened of
You need to give up your disguise
the coziness of your ambush

No one ever qualified you
no one ever helped you to prepare
No one ever made you learn
some Jedi tricks or oaths to swear 

Some bastards for too many years
made you think the wrong thing with rigor
Now you bring these bastards on your side
or shoot them all