Wrote the most parts of this song in January and February 2014 in Munich. Found the final chorus and title in February 2015. Seems as if it needed to be cold and foggy again for that... 

This dry winter wind blows cold
feels like I’m miles away from my goals
Came a long way over the rocks
found no place ever to stop
lighted fires now burning low

I travelled nights and days through the shadows
of my past, turned every stone
I’m more than 40 years old
less than halfway left to go
Don’t know if I ever find what I’m looking for

I’m slowing down
slowing down
to fill my lungs
and get faster back into the sun

I never thought it’s gonna be so tough
to overcome what you can't rise above
There is laughter all around
there is joy and a peaceful sound
and the stars keep shining on from the past

I hoped I could make it on my own
I thought I could divide right from wrong
My time seems to slip away
and I’m afraid that I’ll be too late
that I burn like a meteor who's left the void

I’m slowing down
slowing down
to feel the ground
that carries me in the whirl of a storm

I’m slowing down
slowing down
to take control
over each single step of my walk

The dry winter wind blows cold
Telling me a story through my window
about a tree that fades and thrives
about a father and a child
and all promises you gave and dreams you fought for

The origin and the very end
the door to go through, the key to get in
the places where you rest
the faces stored in your chest
and the ever-howling song of love and blood

I’m slowing down
slowing down
to see a rose's
beauty beyond its thorns

I’m slowing down
slowing down
to see the dawn
of a new day going to soar