When you’re dead and alive at the same time
And your empty walls laugh in your face
When you ain't the man you always wanted to be
And your life runs out like sand

You can play your part or a wild card
You can play for loss or luck
And you can build a levee or break it down
And learn to ride on the floods 

I’ve seen people around me happy and blessed
Who never needed to pay with their own blood
I’ve seen others forever exhausted and depressed
Who turned their pain into art

When you’re lost in the universe like a fallen star
You better shoot a new one through space
And in a dead-end street you better turn your car
Or even force your pace

I ain’t looking for mercy or a God
And I haven´t lost my style
Haven’t sold my wishes or blown them up
With the wild floods I will drift away tonight

We are wandering like pilgrims through the mist
Thirsty for a moment of bliss
Exuding the dirt with our sweat
Building churches and minarets

We are longing for a priest to confess
Struggling to leave our recess
Ascending to get the aspired
To find the lights that set our souls on fire