Well I was riding through lights and thunder
Hurricanes and rain
My arms and legs were fully skinned
While I was slipping away

I was searching for some shelter most of my life
To save me from the ghosts of truth
Rising slowly from behind

Well I left that fear behind me
And took those ghosts to the front
There’s silence in the eye of the storm

Well you are riding through the desert
Digging in the dirt
You learn from a season without water
How to explore the earth

And when you’re finally face to face with your sins
Only a fool wouldn’t try to reveal
Their deeply hidden meaning

What fool I’ve been, how blind I’ve seen
How numb I’ve heard my call
There’s peace in the eye of the storm

My love chapter one when I was young
Was filled with doubts and fear
In chapter two I decided to
Shun anything deep and near

In chapter three my real ideal
Was someone without flaws
Now this is chapter four
Time to open doors

Tonight I feel the river
Of forgiveness flowing strong
The last resort for peace on earth
While the wars are raging on

This moment is alive
This moment is in truth
This moment’s all I ever wanted
Stainless and nude

Tonight I walk the way
Down to where to I belong
I’ll stay there ‘till I’ll be dead and gone
Meet me in the eye of the storm