Murder’s wrong, murder’s bad
Morally illegitimate
But self-defense is a human right
Now what about tyrannicide?

If Mr. Elser and Stauffenberg
Had succeeded in breaking the curse
How many people would have survived
Because of a tyrannicide?

What’s your solution for this distress?
What’s the conclusion of your powerlessness?
The stakes are high and they’re gonna rise
How much will you sacrifice?

Binding laws for everyone
The base for our common grounds
But if someone goes for a genocide
What about tyrannicide?

Sometimes I have doubts
What’s wrong and right?
Knowing there’s more
Than black and white
But when it comes to children
Dying in a war
The steel in my hand
Feels comfortably warm

I have blood on my hands and guilt in my soul
For I walk a lonely way I never walked before
I have dreams of a world shiny and bright
As I’m heading for tyrannicide