My mind is clear
I’m out of tears
No one here
I heal my soul

Don’t feel afraid
I’m not too late
Open gates
I heal my soul

I’m sitting still
Listening well
My lungs refill
I heal my soul

I’m gonna steer
Into the sphere
Of now and here
I heal my soul

You’re dancing on a rope
Balancing a boat
Learning to fly when you fall

For all you’ve ever suffered
I know it all and much more
The lonely struggle of staying on your own

I feel paralyzed
When I see your eyes
You heal my soul

Just wanna dance
Find romance
And feel our souls

When you’re roaming through the night
When it hurts to stay alive
And you’re looking for a way to explode

The deeper you are digging
The further you are fleeing
Until you finally turn around

There is no prayer
No double layer
External savior
Or intervening God

It’s all inside
It’s all divine
Don’t keep on hiding
Your precious soul

I‘ve left the phrase behind
"I need your love"
Ain’t my credo anymore

I’ll meet you in yourself
I'll open mine as well
And see how far we can go
And heal our souls