Look at the deep blue sky
I see it mirrored in your eyes
Hear the wind blowing
Silence falling
Under the warm sunshine

Watch the beauty lying
All around so wide
Soft like satin
White like a wedding
Covering all our cries

Warriors is what we are
Finders of the paths
Colored our faces
Tattooed like bracelets
Tearing down, building up

Working through the mud
Arms spilling blood
Deep in the unknown
Innocence is forgone
You breathe and cause a storm

Don’t know much about
Whether this winding road
Will lead us to heaven
Or let our two souls
Sleep again for good

Gunfire far away (you’d better run boy)
Behind the horizon pain (prepare your gun boy)
Pull the trigger and 
Duel with creatures
Who thwart you and bar your way

So much time passed by
Since I came alive
So many shivers
So many rivers
Of tears flowing in the night

Found you in the haze (you’d better love boy)
Coming from outta space (and take your chance boy)
Sent on a mission
Pulled by a vision
Keeping me wide awake