Melody and words written 2015 in Munich.

Played the joker all day long
Played the jester at the throne
They cut a smile into my face
From ear to ear with the razor’s edge

Learned to laugh when I felt weak
Made a joke when I started to bleed
Made a fool out of myself
Meant as a shield it stabbed my breast

Deadly fallacy of a child
On the search for love running behind
Misled strategy built up a cage
Where’s your pride, where’s your rage?

Born into no man’s land
Grown up where the enemy stands
Got no weapons, got no skills
Touched the trigger but couldn't kill

Jester, jester for so long
You followed me on this road of stones
Always standing close behind
Like a pointer to ancient times

Stand up boy, dry out your cheeks
Throw your mask into the drain in the street
Raise your iron, raise your sword
Keep on breathing with your tubes ripped off

Open your hand for a jester’s tear
You fought forlorn at the frontier
You served your purpose, you served it well
But your duty’s over, your mission ends

Sing a song about a jester’s release
From being seen as an enemy
The most loyal friend I had
Time to give him the love deserved