You gave me your blood and soul
You took my father’s role
Always behind me
Sometimes guiding me
Even when you were old

Your childhood, an idyll time
Bilingual your language and mind
Then sent to Norway
To hold the frontier
of the so-called “Third Reich”.

Kicked out of paradise
Back in 1945
Your family displaced
Suppressed and expelled
from the Sudeten German enclave

Refugees, that’s what we are
Longing for something that lasts
Homeless orphans
Searching for new land
Trying to overcome their past

Blindness has broken your spirit
You had to loosen your grip
Infirmity gaining
Your energy waning
While someone else’s coin flips

Once I told you how (my grandpa)
grateful I am now (my grandpa)
You asked me “What for?”
I said “Just because
Of your never-ending support”

Now you’re prepared to die
I see it mirrored in your eyes
Two more years till
your hundredth birthday
is not what you aspire

Then you’ll be again (my grandpa)
A refugee in a new land (my grandpa)
I will follow
Just when I am as old
As you finally became