Malèna, they talk about you like a whore
Malèna, they talk behind closed doors
When someone comes to ring your bell
They keep themselves concealed
Watching the light going out and on
Till he leaves

Malèna, they count the lovers you have
Malèna, they say you’re willing and fast
And all the men wish when the dark settles down
To be among those you adore
I climb up the tree just to see you in your gown
Dancing as the firelight falls

Malèna, I still remember when your father died
Malèna, the dirt on the coffin was dry
You’ve never brought flowers, you’ve never shown tears
But sometimes your features were pale
Then you settled in that villa down by the sea
Put your father's house on sale

Malèna, they say your love went to war
Malèna, he fell the first day at the front
And finally when your living was at stake
And the devil came into town
You used the best thing God endowed you with
And you left your ring at home

You’re looking tired, your walk is weak
Still your lips are painted red
Do you feel fine, are you soul-sick?
Malèna get out of this mess

Malèna, walking in the shade
Malèna, down the promenade
When it all fell apart and your dignity got struck
And the mob took its toll
Our eyes met once and I wished you good luck
Malèna, you will always be strong

Malèna, you’re walking in the sun
Malèna, adored and accursed at once
You were the brightest light in a young boy’s eyes
And when the young boy became an old man
Many faces showed up and disappeared in my mind
But Malèna you will always stay