A very old song, written in 1998 in Kreutzlingen (Switzerland). Used to play it in a fast and rock version as well as in a slow version.


Something’s gonna make me strong
And call my name
Clear my mind
And give me the time for another game

Something’s gonna raise me up
Put some rags round my bones
Something’s gonna make me feel
like a stranger coming home

Something’s gonna make me change
And fill my life
Take my hand
And guide me safely through the night

Something’s gonna smooth my way
And dry my eyes
Something’s gonna light my day
for there ain’t no light shining through the rain

I'm living in another world now
Trying to make the words come true
All I really need is time
And it ain’t no crime if it still hurts baby

Rising up to the sky
From the wounds that kept me lying
Before I’m falling down again
I’ll feel another wonder baby

Afraid to miss the diamond stone
Just to sit beside the throne
Waiting for the big reward ain’t sport
It’s just the fear that life’s too short

Afraid to miss you in the night
You may slip from my life
Afraid I might be going blind
That you won't listen to my rhyme

Saw you with your friend today
Hanging around in the small Café
I am working here from time to time
You were looking fine and you sneaked into my mind

You were smiling when you left
Soon again you will be my guest
A coterie of just you and me
Writing their own torch song melody

I dove down to the deepest depth
You never know about another step
Surfacing from time to time
Is what will keep your lungs alive

You gotta do what you think is right
Even swim against the tides
It's really hard and sad to see
What you lose when it's yourself you decide to be

I still miss you by my side
I hoped you´d stay with me day and night
There´s so much pain and sadness ´bout
What we´ve left behind us

Got my head above the clouds
Got my feet on the ground
Something’s carved in your skin and mine
I rip it out and leave it all behind