People trying to shape their fate
Mixing the colors for their paint
Paying with blood, learning to ride
Stamping their own license to drive

Moving forward to unfold
Trying to take control of their thoughts
On a mission unknown
Like the redemption of a vow

What do you give to this world?
Are you grateful for your birth?
When everything falls apart
And drifts away like floods
Every day will be a new way to start

Get your shoes on, tie them tight
Get your fortune on your side
Dejection’s just a clever escape
From putting your dreams into shape

First you are in trouble with your parents
Then you’re out of favor with yourself
Finally, you’re questioning your friends
And last but not least the whole world

You’re reaching for the stars
You look into the past
When your life lies in shards
Like a pile of broken glass
Every day provides a new way to start

Sing a little prayer for your peace
Save it till the morning breeze
Then wake up with the first sunlight ray
Enjoying all the air you can inhale

Life’s overslept without an alarm
Some traps pretend it’s them you’re living for
While pain may be a healthy way to learn
Avoiding pain means suffering in vain

It’s someone else’s stone
that you carry with your bones
Till you give it back with trust
That its owner’s strong enough
And you’ll never eat again someone else’s muck

Until you feel it in your blood
That it was worth not giving up
You know there’ll always be a new way to start